August 18, 2010

Jesus, it’s been awhile. My apologies for not keeping up with this space very well.

Lots is new: I’m contributing to Resident Advisor in addition to my work at Little While Earbuds. That’s probably the best explanation for the above.

I’m also on my way back to school, basically to study electronic music.

One must stay sharp! I’m about to get severely busy, and I’m not particularly good at getting my writing assignments done quickly. I think I need to practice more. What I’ve proposed to myself is that I write something in here — no matter how brief — every weekday. It might end up being primarily about music, but I haven’t decided yet. It will just be something. Keep your eyes peeled.

More parties this fall! Promise!



March 31, 2010

Photo by Calli Higgins

On March 25, I guest-hosted WNYU’s The Math + Science Show, as I’m wont to do. Before hitting the station, I spent a good half hour sorting through my record bag. I needed to do this anyway, since my bag has a way of getting so full it’s no longer flip-through-able. But my big impetus for this early spring cleaning was the show itself: Wreck Tech, its usual host, spins stuff a good deal faster and darker than I usually would, and although I’d basically decided in advance I’d fudge his format as far into house as possible, I needed to throw down something respectable.

I was tremendously happy with the record bag I brought to WNYU, and I thought the show went over nicely. Unfortunately, the station’s archiver was down, and I was not terribly responsible with the CD recorder in the studio. My plan was to re-record my set at home straight from the playlist, bounce it to Soundcloud, and call it a night, but I quickly realized that wouldn’t be very fun or interesting.

Instead, I recorded a brand-new mix, using only records from my M+S bag and letting my radio show be my sole practice session. The original show was lost to time — and there’s only a pinch of overlap — but I rather like this session better.

James Blake – The Bells Sketch
Corrina Joseph – Lonely
Tevo Howard – Laboratory
Marcus Mixx – Without Makeup (Ron Hardy Mix)
Mount Kimbie – At Least (Instra:mental Remix)
Los Hermanos – Sun Dos
Club Ice – ManHassett (Larry Heard Remix)
Oni Ayhun – OAR04-A
Martyn – Hear Me (Zomby Mix)
Levon Vincent – These Games
Scuba – On Deck
Mr. Raoul K – No Food No Groove
Pangaea – Sunset Yellow
Virgo – Going Thru Life
Billy Love – Melloghettomental

The Bag Pt. 2 by jordanllc


January 25, 2010

Photo by Calli Higgins

Herr Jordan
Discount Sushi Hangover
in the mix @ Fancy Restaurant, Bushwick, Brooklyn
January 2010

Alex Smith – Sign And Drive / Here With Me
Nina Kraviz – FREE
Roska – Sheppard
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Pattern 3
Bug vs. Hawtin – Low Blow
N.Y. House’ Authority – Adequate Lighting
Jody “Fingers” Finch – Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ No Acid Vocal)
Schatrax – Turntribal
Aybee – Doors And Elevator Presents (Aybee Visitation Mix)
Future Beat Alliance – Breathe In Your Fear
Levon Vincent – Double Jointed Sex Freak Part 1
Ricardo Villalobos – The Contempt (Last H Of Porto Mix)

Many thanks to Jack Inslee, Francesca Neiman, and Lauren Palmor for their Saturday afternoons.

Discount Sushi Hangover by jordanllc


October 17, 2009


Exciting announcement, hopefully the first among many (or at least a handful)!

If memory serves, the last time the entire Full Service original lineup set up shop in a club was sometime last spring. Now allow me to blow your mind: as of Saturday, October 31, that will no longer be the case. Wreck Tech, Mike McGill b2b Tackleberry, Herr Jordan Rothlein (aka me) b2b Momo Araki (in perhaps our final appearance under our MO/RDAN moniker), and of course ultimate raev impresario Jack Inslee will be re-forming Wu-Tang style (hopefully more “Wu-Tang Forever” than “8 Diagrams”) to once again bring you our messy, eclectic, utopian vision for dance floor destruction. And because it’s Halloween, expect everything to be just a little weirder and creepier than you remember it.

To all of you naysayers who can’t get behind an incredible sound system if a Bud Light costs $8 at the bar: we feel your pain. Which is why Full Service will once again hold Raev of the Dead at Williamsburg’s epically wacky Glasslands. Beers are cheap and very good, and if memory serves, the DJ booth is underneath a massive painting of a penis or something. Put on a cracked-out costume, grab one hundred of your friends, and prepare to get mowed over by dubstep, disco, garage, house, booty rap, jungle, techno, musique concrète, hypnagogic pop, yacht rock, and probably much more.

DETAILS after the jump! And please come, dammit!
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October 13, 2009

I’m throwing my Christmas list out there early:

1. Marcus Mixx records, especially this one. It’s like the Tickle-Me-Elmo of Marcus Mixx records.

2. A new laptop. This one makes a sickly noise when I turn it on or unsleep it, one which I believe bespells doom.

3. New neighbors who are as cool about me playing music as my current neighbors are.

Alright, that’s out of the way. I’ve been pretty busy over at Little White Earbuds, so this blog hasn’t been getting so much love. But my buddy David, who runs a brand-spanking-new graphic design shop down in Florida, pimped it while I was gone, so enjoy the new high-end design flourishes. I even got myself some business cards, in the interest of trying to make myself even more busy.

Speaking of Little White Earbuds, I have something big on the way for that site, followed by something big on the way for this site, so watch out.

Also to follow: the reason why you’re penciling me in for Halloween. You’ll have to try not to get drunk as that dude up there.