Upcoming: RAEV II // APRIL 19

April 9, 2008

Remember that noise ordinance-flaunting basement dance party under the JMZ last December? You know, the one you had to trek through sleet to get to? You probably don’t, and that’s not because you weren’t there. The original RAEV — which I think had a holiday theme for about five minutes around 11pm — was a serious highlight of my 2007, and we’re bringing it back for another debauched installment. (Coincidence that the height of the party falls during the wee hours of 4/20? No comment.)

On the docket: DJ John Rambo, Raygunn, Wreck Tech, Mike McGill, and Herr Jordan (yours truly) vs. Doktor Araki. All of whom are either currently at or formerly of WNYU, and awesome.

Obviously, attendance is required. Young Momo and I will be squaring off for an afterhours set that promises to be deep, dark, and fucked-up-as-fuck. We’ll spin until you all leave or die… preferably the latter.

One Response to “Upcoming: RAEV II // APRIL 19”

  1. […] You know where to find me this weekend, but should you be a Computer Science grad student at a certain leading New York research institution (that I may or may not have graduated from), you’ll have another chance next week as well.  That’s right, bitches: I’ll be spinning smooth digital sounds at a private champagne party on top of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences on Thursday, April 24.  And you’d better believe I’ll be posting the results. […]

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