Brane Damage

April 16, 2008

Kompakt, in my book, has been one-for-one recently. Jennifer Cardini’s Feeling Strange mix CD falls a little flat, like if the tech-house section on Beatport one day decided to mix itself (plus the one Maurizio track you buy for cool points). Luckily, Kompakt Pop — the name is gloriously self-explanatory — has arrived with the perfect antidote for what happened when you showed your hair stylist that picture of Onur Ozer: Superpitcher vs. The Congosound’s Say I’m Your Number One. The original mix by Congosound, a Spanish italo outfit who apparently own the set to a failed Stanley Kubrick gameshow pilot, is destined to soundtrack only the most fashionable makeout seshes worldwide this summer (ladies?). Abstinence-only educators, however, aren’t likely to be all that pleased with Superpitcher, whose dancefloor-approved remix’s retro bassline boasts enough slink to melt that promise ring right off of your finger and shouldn’t be played before noon on Sundays. Hey, it’s not the kids’ fault it feels so good. (Should your high school’s God Squad be stacked with budding Michael Mayer completists, that is.)

You know where to find me this weekend, but should you be a Computer Science grad student at a certain leading New York research institution (that I may or may not have graduated from), you’ll have another chance next week as well. That’s right, bitches: I’ll be spinning smooth digital sounds at a private champagne party on top of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences on Thursday, April 24. And you’d better believe I’ll be posting the results.

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