Insane in the brane

April 20, 2008

Last night a, uh, producer saved my life? A Dial producer at that??

I really don’t hate Dial by any means. But as my occasional associate Momo pointed out to me Thursday night, Dial is kind of the West Elm of German techno: clean lines, whiff of easy class, turtleneck-ready. In other words, just a bit stiff, though not at all pejoratively stiff. (In case you think I’m covering up some kinda stanky hatin’, full discloure: I have a couch from West Elm.) Carsten-forenamed producers Jost & Klemann’s “CC01 (Detroit)”, from the label’s new You Are My Mate doublepack, finds their aesthetic loosening its tie a little. Referencing both Morgan Geist and Carl Craig (and potentially MyMy, Klemann’s most famous project), the track sweats without losing its cool entirely and/or starting to sound artificial, and creates some wild tension in the interim. It’s the kind of transition that tells the floor, “Take off your handcrafted shoes and wander further into the forest.” Just not in a creepy way.



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