February 4, 2009


From the indomitable photostream of Calli Higgins

As many Sundays as possible, Momo Araki and I form Voltron-like under our Mo/rdan guise to play each other recent acquisitions, talk shop about upcoming gigs, and generally geek out about techno.

LLC003 (right/control-click to download), an hour-and-one-third snippet of a very loose and thoroughly tripping tagteam mix sesh that went on far longer than my neighbors may have liked, documents one of these oonce-oonce afternoons.  We have decided to withhold the tracklist, but discerning ears might recognize the mechanical, gothic textures of Sandwell District, MDR, and Soloaction, amongst others; a funky house track (and some really dorky filter/panning action) snuck in as well.  I never did a best-of-2008, but the mix’s final moments feature my ultimate emo-Detroit anthem of the year, if not ever.  (Any guesses?)

flu-shot-02-06-09You can catch Mo/rdan at Manhattan’s Club Love this Friday (2/6/09) for the latest installment of Full Service, which bears the seasonally appropriate subtitle of FLU SHOT.  (To paraphrase Lil Wayne, we are ill, not sick, and there is a difference.)  In the interest of keeping things, uh, interesting, we’ll be taking the early (11-12:30) shift, so don’t sleep.  Or rather, don’t over-nap.  Full details over at the Full Service blog.

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