April 7, 2009


… in which there is no mix by Herr Jordan.  If there was, though, I seriously hope it would be a nug this dank.  (Good fucking luck.)

I’d had a new mix in the work last week, but I realized that it was coming from a rather stressed-out place.  Shit has been busy lately, and I felt like you could hear that fact in every version I’d commit to tape.  Rather than yank the chain of something that’s just refusing to come along at the pace I’d like it to, I’ve decided to take a few steps back, sit down next to it, pat it on the back, and figure out how best to coax it along.

Thus, I’m on an extremely temporary DJing hiatus while I catch up on sleep, sanity, and some projects I just haven’t had the time or the brains to do properly.  You will be hearing from me very soon — by the next Full Service party at the very, very least.  And I’m quite confident that once I’m back, I’ll have something not-too-shabby to show for my time spent just slightly out of the loop.

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