April 15, 2009


via Calli Higgins, obviously

I was just about to go to bed on this obnoxiously wet evening when I remembered that I had a bit of self-promotion to do.

As mentioned previously, Momo and I took over WNYU’s Bentwave program last night.  Due to my current overload of suit-and-tie tasks and my related need for a good night’s rest, we forwent our usual tagteaming and divided the show into an early (me) and late (Momo) set.  The resulting show provides an excellent example of the different styles and interests we bring to the table for our increasingly eclectic MO/RDAN sets at Full Service.

Here’s how it all went down:

10:30-11:45ish: HERR JORDAN

Martyn – “Yet” (Tectonic)

Stimming – “Fruits of Life” (Diynamic)

Cab Drivers – “Seat Belt” (Cabinet)

Untold – “Dante” (Hotflush)

Ramadanman – “Humber” (Apple Pips)

Isolee – “October” (Diynamic)

Norman Nodge – “ManMade” (MDR)

Marcel Dettmann – “Plain” (Beatstreet)

Seth Troxler – “Love Never Sleeps” (Crosstown Rebels)

Minimal Man – “Make A Move Pt. 1” (Trelik) *ultimate Full Service jam*

CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerne) – “Scale 2” (Sandwell District)

The Chain – “Geo” (R & S)

Roswell Return – “IFTODEX C0001” (SD)

Audion – “I am the Car” (audion.me)

(mic interlude, wherein I refer to the Trelik label as “eternal”)


Quantec – “The Entire Structure” (Meanwhile)

Sven Weisemann – “Kiss of Abana” (Mojuba)

Move D – “Untitled (feat. Fragment)” (Workshop)

Liberty City – “Some Lovin'” (TRIBAL America)

Chateau Flight – “Cosmic Race” (Versatile)

Daniel Lui – “Surface One” (Chair) *I am eternally jealous of this A1 Records find*

Gowentgone – “Point Blank” (Vidab)

Shed – “Well Done (033472-edit)” (Soloaction)

Claro Intelecto – “X” (Modern Love)

Monobox – “Molecule Trade (Pantytec Mix)” (Logistic)

Dark Boys – “Pluto Rising” (Aspect Music)

Melchior Productions Ltd. – “Prepare For Love” (Perlon)

X-Ray – “Untitled” (Transmat)

Download the whole thing here — no need to right/control-click! (via WNYU)

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