July 24, 2009


I’m about as exhausted as a man can be whilst still functioning, but I think it’s well worth it. If you missed it live, you can find my Math + Science mix here. At the moment, it’s only available for streaming, but should I find some mp3 archive I’ll make sure to post it.  Thanks to Wreck Tech and WNYU for having me out, and thanks to all who listened last night (and to those who just might still listen).


10:39 PM Tin Man “Taking You” Wasteland (Global A) 12″
10:41 PM Moderat “Rusty Nails (Shackleton Rmx)” The Unofficial Remixes of Moderat Pt 1 (white) CD
10:48 PM Tin Man “Wasteland” Wasteland (Global A) 12″
10:57 PM Thriller “Swarm” Swarm / Hubble (Thriller) 12″
10:57 PM Moritz Von Oswald Trio “Pattern 3” Vertical Ascent (Honest Jon’s) LP
11:02 PM Tomorrow “glen21” tw-001 “preview” (Axis) CD
11:07 PM Ben Klock “Goodly Sin feat. Elif Bicer (Robert Hood Remix)” Ben Klock Remixes (Ostgut Ton) CD
11:12 PM Green Velvet “I Want To Leave My Body” I Want To Leave My Body (-) 12″
11:16 PM Tan-Ru “Assembly” Changeling (Trelik) 12″
11:20 PM Hector & Bryant “Tension (Appleblim & Al Tourettes Remix)” Tension (Phonica) 12″
11:25 PM Brackles “Lizards” Get A Job / Lizards (Apple Pips) 12″
11:29 PM Steve Lawler “Kalimba (Shed Remix)” Kalimba (R & S) 12″
11:36 PM DJ Jus Ed “Sweetness” Sweetness (Underground Quality) CD
11:52 PM Pearson Sound “plsn” plsn / wad (Hessle Audio) 12″
11:59 PM Untold “Just For You” Just For You (Hot Flush) 12″
12:01 AM Deuce “Twerp Wiz” Deuce EP (Ostgut Ton) 12″
12:08 AM Ricardo Villalobos “Fizheuer Zieheuer Pt. 2″ Fizheuer Zieheuer (Playhouse) 12”
12:18 AM Candi Staton “Do Your Duty (Pepe Bradock Erectus Rework)” Candi Staton Pepe Bradock Mixes (Honest Jon’s) 12″
12:22 AM Untold “Just For You (Roska Remix)” Just For You (Hot Flush) 12″
12:23 AM Cooly G “Narst” Narst / Love Dub (Hyperdub) 12″
12:27 AM Levon Vincent “Six Figures” NS02 (Novel Sound) 12″
12:32 AM Frankie “Bones” “Freestyle Acid Band” Bones Breaks Vol. 3 (Underworld Records) 12″
12:36 AM Matias Aguayo feat. Lerato “Pata Pata” Comeme 002 (Comeme) 12″
12:38 AM Pearson Sound “Indelible” All Night Long EP 2 (Aus Music) 12″
12:43 AM Moodymann “Shades Of Jae” MMVOL3 (white) 12″
12:52 AM Brock Van Wey “A Gentle Hand to Hold (Intrusion Shape III)” White Clouds Float On and On (echospace [detroit]) CD

One Response to “MIX: HERR JORDAN ON M+S”

  1. […] March 25, I guest-hosted WNYU’s The Math + Science Show, as I’m wont to do. Before hitting the station, I spent a good half hour sorting through my record bag. I needed to do […]

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