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Haute ‘n scary

June 18, 2008

I’m incredibly bad at chartmaking, as I’m far too self-conscious about this whole I-like-music thing to publicly play favorites. But with Summer Jam Season is upon us, I feel inclined — nay, obligated — to list a few (non-Rihanna) tracks I’m very very seriously feeling right this sweaty second.

1. Ane Brun – “Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix / Dixon Edit)” (Objektivity)

That melody. That Rhodes. That restraint. You’ll want to hold your breath, but nine minutes is a damn long time to deprive your drug-addled brain of oxygen.

2. tobias. – “I Can’t Fight the Feeling” (Wagon Repair)

Serato calculates this track’s tempo as 98 BPM, and that just ain’t right at all. Serato obviously has no taste.

3. Syclops – I’ve Got My Eye On You (DFA)

Is Finland really taking the credit for this gorgeously unexpected and deeply weird lost Carl Craig album? Damn you, Finland! (PS: WTF’s with all the awesome artist albums this year?)

4. 808 State – “Pacific State” (Rephlex)

Props indeed to whoever chose right now to reissue the Quadrastate EP, as it’s never truly summer until the synthesized saxophones start wailing.

5. Sety – “Mogane (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix)” (Circus Company)

Guillaume could make hold music sound deep and twisted and caveman-funky, but I doubt Sety’s Circus Company would release it. (That’s more Musique Risquee’s thing.)

Osborne’s Osborne and the two Berghain 02 EPs certainly make this list, too, but I’ve already blabbered about the former and everyone else has already blabbered about the latter, so I’ll spare you.