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March 7, 2008

Oh fuck, where did all this chesthair come from? Obviously, videobuff is the greatest of all YouTube channels… if you’re the type who feels like spending hours trolling disco dance, euro/electro/italo, and 90s HI-NRG highly-compressed twelves that is. Sure, the music’s all kind of questionable, like fleeing loved ones/roommates-steez questionable. (Fair warning, kids: I’m serious about the roommates.) But I’ll be goddamned if it isn’t pretty impressive.

And I’m here because . . .     I had a livejournal quite some time ago.  I realized recently that that’s really been my only regular, passionate foray into the blogosphere (note: was it the blogosphere back when livejournal was still relevant?).  And how, erm, passionate it was.  (Can’t take back high school, no sir.)  (Don’t even try googling my livejournal.  I’ll hunt you the fuck down.)

This, I’m hoping, will not become that kind of blog.  My idea is to have this be a clearinghouse for stuff I’m creating and stuff that I’m into.  Most of the time that will be (dance) music(s), but I’m down for some forays.  To be honest, I’m not going into this with too much of a plan; at the heart of it, I think I just don’t want to be the last loser without a (music) blog.

So now, for your consideration, the blog.  I’m fading into the shadows until someone says something anti-semitic in the comments.  Bitch please.