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October 17, 2009


Exciting announcement, hopefully the first among many (or at least a handful)!

If memory serves, the last time the entire Full Service original lineup set up shop in a club was sometime last spring. Now allow me to blow your mind: as of Saturday, October 31, that will no longer be the case. Wreck Tech, Mike McGill b2b Tackleberry, Herr Jordan Rothlein (aka me) b2b Momo Araki (in perhaps our final appearance under our MO/RDAN moniker), and of course ultimate raev impresario Jack Inslee will be re-forming Wu-Tang style (hopefully more “Wu-Tang Forever” than “8 Diagrams”) to once again bring you our messy, eclectic, utopian vision for dance floor destruction. And because it’s Halloween, expect everything to be just a little weirder and creepier than you remember it.

To all of you naysayers who can’t get behind an incredible sound system if a Bud Light costs $8 at the bar: we feel your pain. Which is why Full Service will once again hold Raev of the Dead at Williamsburg’s epically wacky Glasslands. Beers are cheap and very good, and if memory serves, the DJ booth is underneath a massive painting of a penis or something. Put on a cracked-out costume, grab one hundred of your friends, and prepare to get mowed over by dubstep, disco, garage, house, booty rap, jungle, techno, musique concrète, hypnagogic pop, yacht rock, and probably much more.

DETAILS after the jump! And please come, dammit!
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May 25, 2009

As far as I know, there is no true recording of last night’s set at Full Service. Luckily, Momo and I recorded this mix — with a lot of track overlap — two nights before in my bedroom. I’d meant to put this up on Friday as a pre-Raev promotion, but a dude must sleep sometime. Considering that this is supposedly the final Full Service party in this format (sorry to be coy, I really don’t know that much more than you do), it seems almost fitting that this would run as a kind of postmortem on the style Momo and I have developed over our ten-party run: druggy house and technoid anthems, to infinity and beyond!

Raev to the Graev Promo Mix (right/ctrl-click to download)


May 11, 2009

2826_775716999759_811380_45489267_3105089_nI usually twiddle my thumbs until a few days before the event to put up a post, but this absolutely can’t wait. The Full Service crew descends on Club Love on May 23 for RAEV X, and we’re looking to make it our loudest, sweatiest, and most glowstick-addled shindig yet. Added bonus (or major bummer, depending on your sleep habits): Mo/rdan returns to the party’s 2am-close time slot, so expect things to get a little filthy (and j-j-jackin’) before the night is finished. Dig it!

In other sweet techno news, I have just joined the writing staff at venerable dance music blog Little White Earbuds! I’ve been a daily reader of that site for quite some time now, so it will be very strange to see my own name pop up underneath a post. If you’re at all interested in reading me blabber on about the sort of music I throw down on mixes here and parties elsewhere, then be sure to watch that space. But the LLC shall live on. Podcast soon, I swear!


April 24, 2009

20090424-love-600Jordan LLC is typically a listing for things I’m up to, and though I’m not DJing this particular party, I’ll certainly be there, and key members of the Full Service crew will be manning the booth.  So ha!  My mission remains intact!

At any rate, please come to Club Love (the house that raev built) TOMORROW NIGHT (that’s Friday, April 24) for FIRE DRILL.  Wreck Tech and Jack Inslee, aka Knifeshow, of Full Service will be joined by Slouch, Nebulla, and Dore of, and ultimate bass jams will be pumped into the wee hours.  Doors are at 10pm, and before midnight you’ll only have to pay $5 to get through the door (up to $7 after).  Get your ass to Love and come party with me!


April 13, 2009


I think I just needed a week where I could come home from my shirt-and-tie job and not feel obligated to jump immediately onto something else.  Sometimes, if your roommate is lounging on the couch and asks if you got the next Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD in the mail, you want to say “Hell motherfucking yeah” and commence in some chillage without the slightest tinge of guilt or anxiety.  (You see, Sliu, I do write about you on here.)  And it’s never a good sign when the fact that my turntables sit atop something that West Elm markets as a desk starts feeling deeply ironic.

But as this hands-off-my-decks week draws to a close, I feel refreshed.  Techno might be slightly more than a hobby for me, but sifting through Hard Wax’s RSS feed and pumping bass in my bedroom every evening (and in the clubs when I’m lucky) isn’t exactly a miserable existence.  Perspective is everything, and making my Technics sleep on the couch for awhile got me some.

(Listening to Stimming’s fantastic new album Reflections helped a good deal as well.  Yes, that is a seeerious recommend right there.)

Luckily, I’ve been given the chance to jump right back into the swing of things.  This Monday night (as in tomorrow), MO/RDAN will be taking to WNYU’s hallowed studios for a special set on Bentwave.  Expect a whole lot of new 4/4, as per Bentwave’s mandate, as well as some classic sounds and fast tempos, as per MO/RDAN’s mandate.  If you’ve been reading this blog, you probably know the drill: 89.1 FM in NYC, everywhere else, 10:30-1AM eastern time.

Lastly, Full Service will be taking April off in preparation for RAEV X — you got that right, we’re on our TENTH FUCKING PARTY — on Saturday, May 23.  Watch this space for more details, but be forewarned: you will be having a profoundly sleepless night in about six weeks, and it will be all my fault.