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Mix Appreciation: Nihal Ramchandani

June 17, 2008

Houston’s Nihal Ramchandani and I share a pivotal piece of our respective dance music foundations. Nihal’s older brother, Ranjan, was my roommate during my first two years of college. While most of us were still perpetually shitting our pants over the Arcade Fire, he was interning at Astralwerks, espousing the wonders of Steve Reich, and gettin’ smart to Hawtin’s first DE9 record. (Not that Ranjan didn’t enjoy the Arcade Fire, or that there’s anything inherently wrong with enjoying the Arcade Fire; he just had a fuller sense of what was up.) Around the same time, Nihal — barely out of middle school — followed his brother’s lead and taught himself to DJ and shop for records. When I decided to give it a go myself (after Ranjan’s techno boosterism finally stopped flying over my head), I emailed Nihal first thing for his tips on mixers and places to buy vinyl online.

For the last two years or so, Nihal and I have swapped emails and instant messages every so often to discuss our favorite new slabs. As a DJ, the dude is impressive as hell, and that goes well beyond any age-related gimmick: his technique is formidable and his track selection is nothing less than exquisite. I had Nihal do an hour-long guest mix for Table Tennis last summer, and you better believe he killed it. But while that mix flexed biggest-room muscle, his latest mix — a recreation of a recent warm-up gig, he tells me — takes quite a few steps inward: save the occasional shit-talking Rastafarian/Bedouin, you’re all alone in this sizzling, ping-ponging, pitch-black wilderness. I’m always impressed when DJs do more with pacing than the obligatory loud/soft, high/low, maximal/minimal binaries; here, Nihal moves deeper as his signature smooth transitions tease each new track out of the one that preceded it. Bottom line: get familiar quick, before Mr. Ramchandani’s next hot mix winds up as Fabric 82 or something. Dude is goooood.

Nihal Ramchandani: Cash Money Mothafucka (192 kbps / 50 minutes)

Tadeo – Feel The Vibrations
Move D & Benjamin Brunn – Radar
Ricardo Villalobos – Minimoonstar (Shackleton Remix)
Rhythm & Sound – Never Tell You (Version)
Gaiser – Eye Contact
Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts – Ndank Ndank
H.O.S.H. – Drums of Spring
Dan Berkson & James What – Reflections feat. Robert Owens
Mountain People – Mountain001


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