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October 17, 2009


Exciting announcement, hopefully the first among many (or at least a handful)!

If memory serves, the last time the entire Full Service original lineup set up shop in a club was sometime last spring. Now allow me to blow your mind: as of Saturday, October 31, that will no longer be the case. Wreck Tech, Mike McGill b2b Tackleberry, Herr Jordan Rothlein (aka me) b2b Momo Araki (in perhaps our final appearance under our MO/RDAN moniker), and of course ultimate raev impresario Jack Inslee will be re-forming Wu-Tang style (hopefully more “Wu-Tang Forever” than “8 Diagrams”) to once again bring you our messy, eclectic, utopian vision for dance floor destruction. And because it’s Halloween, expect everything to be just a little weirder and creepier than you remember it.

To all of you naysayers who can’t get behind an incredible sound system if a Bud Light costs $8 at the bar: we feel your pain. Which is why Full Service will once again hold Raev of the Dead at Williamsburg’s epically wacky Glasslands. Beers are cheap and very good, and if memory serves, the DJ booth is underneath a massive painting of a penis or something. Put on a cracked-out costume, grab one hundred of your friends, and prepare to get mowed over by dubstep, disco, garage, house, booty rap, jungle, techno, musique concrète, hypnagogic pop, yacht rock, and probably much more.

DETAILS after the jump! And please come, dammit!
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May 25, 2009

As far as I know, there is no true recording of last night’s set at Full Service. Luckily, Momo and I recorded this mix — with a lot of track overlap — two nights before in my bedroom. I’d meant to put this up on Friday as a pre-Raev promotion, but a dude must sleep sometime. Considering that this is supposedly the final Full Service party in this format (sorry to be coy, I really don’t know that much more than you do), it seems almost fitting that this would run as a kind of postmortem on the style Momo and I have developed over our ten-party run: druggy house and technoid anthems, to infinity and beyond!

Raev to the Graev Promo Mix (right/ctrl-click to download)


April 15, 2009


via Calli Higgins, obviously

I was just about to go to bed on this obnoxiously wet evening when I remembered that I had a bit of self-promotion to do.

As mentioned previously, Momo and I took over WNYU’s Bentwave program last night.  Due to my current overload of suit-and-tie tasks and my related need for a good night’s rest, we forwent our usual tagteaming and divided the show into an early (me) and late (Momo) set.  The resulting show provides an excellent example of the different styles and interests we bring to the table for our increasingly eclectic MO/RDAN sets at Full Service.

Here’s how it all went down:

10:30-11:45ish: HERR JORDAN

Martyn – “Yet” (Tectonic)

Stimming – “Fruits of Life” (Diynamic)

Cab Drivers – “Seat Belt” (Cabinet)

Untold – “Dante” (Hotflush)

Ramadanman – “Humber” (Apple Pips)

Isolee – “October” (Diynamic)

Norman Nodge – “ManMade” (MDR)

Marcel Dettmann – “Plain” (Beatstreet)

Seth Troxler – “Love Never Sleeps” (Crosstown Rebels)

Minimal Man – “Make A Move Pt. 1” (Trelik) *ultimate Full Service jam*

CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerne) – “Scale 2” (Sandwell District)

The Chain – “Geo” (R & S)

Roswell Return – “IFTODEX C0001” (SD)

Audion – “I am the Car” (

(mic interlude, wherein I refer to the Trelik label as “eternal”)


Quantec – “The Entire Structure” (Meanwhile)

Sven Weisemann – “Kiss of Abana” (Mojuba)

Move D – “Untitled (feat. Fragment)” (Workshop)

Liberty City – “Some Lovin'” (TRIBAL America)

Chateau Flight – “Cosmic Race” (Versatile)

Daniel Lui – “Surface One” (Chair) *I am eternally jealous of this A1 Records find*

Gowentgone – “Point Blank” (Vidab)

Shed – “Well Done (033472-edit)” (Soloaction)

Claro Intelecto – “X” (Modern Love)

Monobox – “Molecule Trade (Pantytec Mix)” (Logistic)

Dark Boys – “Pluto Rising” (Aspect Music)

Melchior Productions Ltd. – “Prepare For Love” (Perlon)

X-Ray – “Untitled” (Transmat)

Download the whole thing here — no need to right/control-click! (via WNYU)


February 4, 2009


From the indomitable photostream of Calli Higgins

As many Sundays as possible, Momo Araki and I form Voltron-like under our Mo/rdan guise to play each other recent acquisitions, talk shop about upcoming gigs, and generally geek out about techno.

LLC003 (right/control-click to download), an hour-and-one-third snippet of a very loose and thoroughly tripping tagteam mix sesh that went on far longer than my neighbors may have liked, documents one of these oonce-oonce afternoons.  We have decided to withhold the tracklist, but discerning ears might recognize the mechanical, gothic textures of Sandwell District, MDR, and Soloaction, amongst others; a funky house track (and some really dorky filter/panning action) snuck in as well.  I never did a best-of-2008, but the mix’s final moments feature my ultimate emo-Detroit anthem of the year, if not ever.  (Any guesses?)

flu-shot-02-06-09You can catch Mo/rdan at Manhattan’s Club Love this Friday (2/6/09) for the latest installment of Full Service, which bears the seasonally appropriate subtitle of FLU SHOT.  (To paraphrase Lil Wayne, we are ill, not sick, and there is a difference.)  In the interest of keeping things, uh, interesting, we’ll be taking the early (11-12:30) shift, so don’t sleep.  Or rather, don’t over-nap.  Full details over at the Full Service blog.


January 23, 2009


Photo of MO/RDAN by Calli Higgins, who deserves more photo credits, you bastids

Wreck Tech is one hell of a DJ.  (If you were at Full Service on January 10, then you know what the fuck I’m talking about.)  And his weekly broadcast on WNYU, The Math and Science Show, is one of the finest portals around for rough-hewn, ghettoblasting club music on the Croydon-Kingston-Brooklyn axis.  I mean, you know M+S is f’real because Zomby once canceled a guest spot, and I’ll be damned if that isn’t some kinda rite of passage.

So what will happen when a couple of staid techno fanboys descend on the studio tonight?  I’m not really sure.  But somehow Mr. Tech has entrusted MO/RDAN, my ongoing DJ collaboration with Momo Araki, with guesthosting duties tonight while he’s off globetrotting, so I guess we’ll see.  Expect dubstep-not-dubstep, deep n’ fast techno, tape echo from the bottom of the ocean, and probably a few old Scientist jams.  It will either be totally awesome or an insult to everything M+S stands for.  But we’re seriously shooting for the former, we promise.

In other MO/RDAN news, we’re at work both on a special extended LLC mix and on something a bit more polished to be released on CD!  Hell yes!

In the meantime, though, I’m gonna get back to drinking tea, listening to the new Animal Collective (holy shit dudes!), and trying to kick the cold from hell before tonight.




10:30PM – 1 AM